48" Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer - VISB
Professional Series

Storage Capacity
• 27.4 cu. ft. total
• 18.5 cu. ft. refrigerator
• 8.9 cu. ft. freezer
ProChill™ Temperature Management System
• Variable speed single compressor system
includes the quietest, most technologically advanced compressor on the market
• Electronic controls maintain temperature within 1°F (.83°C)
• Multi-channel airflow system removes odor and excess humidity
Frost-Free Refrigerator Professional Features
• Convertible MeatSavor™/Produce Drawer with
precision ball-bearing glides can be set for either produce or long-term fresh meat storage with its separate temperature control
• Quick chill option chills food and beverages in minutes
• Two moisture-adjustable, see-through produce
• drawers with precision ball-bearing glides for large-item storage
• Moisture can be adjusted for fresh, leafy vegetables or crisp fruits and vegetables
• Easy access even with door at 90 degree opening
• Five adjustable, full-width tempered glass shelves allow customized shelf placement
• Two conveniently located deli drawers store meats and cheeses at waist level
• Two in-the-door magnetically sealed dairy compartments with see-through, lift-up covers
• Additional storage in four large, aluminum door bins with tempered glass fronts
• Full lighting illuminates interior when door opens
Frost-Free Freezer Professional Features
• Adaptive defrost controls the timing of the
defrost periods instead of an electromechanical defrost timer
• Extends to 96 hours – improves food storage because the unit defrosts less often
• Factory-installed automatic ice maker features full-width, large capacity ice bucket
• Convenient access to ice with a slide-out ice drawer, positioned for easy reach
• Three adjustable wire shelves for custom
Professional Performance for Home storage
• Slide-out, large-capacity wire basket provides easy storage viewing
• Additional storage in three large aluminum door bins with tempered glass fronts
• Door alarm sounds and glows to warn that the
fresh food and/or freezer door have been ajar for three minutes and that the temperature has risen above normal operating range
Easy Maintenance and Cleanup
• Top-mounted and front venting sealed refrigeration system works quietly and efficiently
• 24" depth keeps items in back within easy reach
• Spillproof, tempered glass shelves contain spills to aid cleanup
• Removable for take-to-the-sink cleanup
• Power interruption switch behind
consumer-removable top grille completely turns off power to unit for safe cleaning and light bulb replacement
• Adjustable-height lower kickplate removes to provide easy access to evaporator pan
Professional-Style Construction
• Design and basic dimensions provide built-in appearance with standard cabinetry
• Exterior moisture control system prevents condensation tubes from the warm side of the sealed system run through
• center post of cavity – preventing condensation without electric components for true energy efficiency
• Easy-opening doors with two heavy-duty handles
• Hinges are hidden to provide a uniform appearance
• Heavy-duty, commercial-style handles
• Dual-magnet door seal system with spring-loaded self-closing feature
• Door stops are factory set at 110 degree swing; easily adjust to 90 or 120 degree swing
• White interior with stylish accents
• Black lower kickplate
• Removable, stainless steel upper grille
• Thin wall and door construction, coupled with
high-density insulation, provides maximum interior space
• Four independent, front-adjustable levelers make installation quick and easy
• Integrated models fit flush in 24" deep cabinet
Standard Accessories
• See-through egg container with carrier holds up to 24 eggs
• Glass butter tray and cover


VISB483D - Integrated Installation
型号 VISB483SS
Professional Performance for Home

• 总体积27.4立方英尺
• 冷藏室18.5立方英尺
• 冷冻室 8.9立方英尺
• 单压缩机转速不同,市上最静最先进压缩机
• 电子控制温度误差仅为0.83度
• 多通道气流除去异味、防止湿度过多
• 可变MeatSavor™抽屉,精密滚珠轴承滑轨延长鲜肉冷藏时间,满足不同温度控制
• 快速可选冷冻功能,冷冻食物/饮料瞬间完成
• 两种可调湿度,透明精密滚珠轴承滑轨抽屉提供大容量冷藏
• 湿度可根据果蔬种类量身设定
• 门可伸拉成90度角,轻松易得
• 五种全宽钢化玻璃搁架可以任意调整,想用户所想
• 齐腰处两个便利抽屉方便冷藏肉类乳酪
• 两个吸在门上的密封透明乳品盒
• 附加四个大容量铝合金门箱体,钢化玻璃面
• 内部照明光亮暖人
• 非机电除霜定时器,除霜周期可控可调,不必经常除霜,延长食物的冷冻质量,时间长达96小时
• 出厂配置自动制冰机,集全宽、大容量冰桶两大特点
• 透明冰屉保证及时添冰
• 三个可调线式搁架特定冷藏
• 两个滑动大容量线式蓝,轻松可视冷藏
• 附加冷藏三个大铝合金门箱体,钢化玻璃面
• 门体报警并闪光,无论是冷藏室或冷冻室的门没关严或者是温度超过了正常温度都会给以提醒
• 上置前排风,密封冷藏系统高效静音
• 深24英寸,拿出食品不费吹灰之力
• 防溢漏钢化玻璃搁架,打理省力,可拆卸,死角也不放过
• 拆卸上部栏栅后断电关闭冰箱,清洗,更换灯泡安全无忧
• 拿掉高度可调踢板,蒸发皿伸手可得
• 嵌入式,无论设计还是尺寸都呈现标准细木家具风范
• 外部湿度控制系统,防止冷凝管密封系统温度高的一面流向中柱内侧——冷凝管电子部件不会凝结,真正高效节省能耗
• 两个承重把手开门轻巧自如,隐式折页保证外观谐调一致,且具有商业气息
• 双磁密封系统,自动开关弹簧门
• 开门角度出厂设定在110度;可以轻松调到90或120度
• 内侧白色体现时尚品味
• 下部黑色踢板
• 上部不锈钢栏栅可拆卸
• 打造轻薄的箱壁、门,与高强度的隔缘匹配,营造最大内部空间
• 四个单独可调撬杆安装快速而不费力
• 可以和适合24英寸深的同系列橱柜完美组合
• 透明鸡蛋盒配备鸡蛋架,最多能装24枚
• 玻璃奶油托盘及托盖
• VISB483D – 组合式










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