48" Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer with Dispenser - VISB  Professional Series

Storage Capacity
•27.1 cu. ft. total
•18.5 cu. ft. refrigerator
•8.6 cu. ft. freezer
ProChill™ Temperature Management System
•Variable speed single compressor system
includes the quietest, most technologically advanced compressor on the market
•Electronic controls maintain temperature within 1°F (.83°C)
•Multi-channel airflow system removes odor and excess humidity
Frost-Free Refrigerator Professional Features
•Convertible MeatSavor™/Produce Drawer with precision ball-bearing glides can be set for either produce or long-term fresh meat storage with its separate temperature control
•Quick chill option chills food and beverages in minutes
•Two moisture-adjustable, see-through produce
•drawers with precision ball-bearing glides for large-item storage
•Moisture can be adjusted for fresh, leafy vegetables or crisp fruits and vegetables
•Easy access even with door at 90 degree opening Five adjustable, full-width tempered
glass shelves allow customized shelf placement
•Additional storage in four large, aluminum door bins with tempered glass fronts
•Two in-the-door magnetically sealed dairy compartments with see-through, lift-up covers
•Adaptive defrost controls the timing of the defrost periods instead of an electromechanical defrost timer
•Factory-installed automatic ice maker features full-width, large capacity ice bucket
•Extends to 96 hours – improves food storage because the unit defrosts less often
•Convenient access to ice with a slide-out ice drawer, positioned for easy reach
•Two conveniently located deli drawers store meats and cheeses at waist level
•Full lighting illuminates interior when door opens
•Three adjustable wire shelves for custom
Frost-Free Freezer Professional Features
Professional Performance for Home storage
•Slide-out, large-capacity wire basket provides easy storage viewing
•Additional storage in three large aluminum door bins with tempered glass fronts
•Door alarm sounds and glows to warn that the
fresh food and/or freezer door have been ajar for three minutes and that the temperature has risen above normal operating range
Ice and Water Dispenser Features
•Through-the-door dispenser provides cubed ice, crushed ice, and chilled water in easy one-hand operation
•Convenient location reduces the need to open
the door and also conserves energy
•Reversing ice-dispenser motor clears jams
•Premium water filter provides a cleaner water and ice supply by filtering bad tastes, odors,sediment, and harmful contaminants
•Conveniently located in bottom of refrigeratorcompartment for easy removal and installation of replacement cartridges
Easy Maintenance and Cleanup
•Top-mounted and front venting sealed refrigeration system works quietly and efficiently
•24" depth keeps items in back within easy reach
•Spillproof, tempered glass shelves contain spills to aid cleanup
•Removable for take-to-the-sink cleanup
•Power interruption switch behind consumer-removable top grille completely turns off power to unit for safe cleaning and light bulb replacement
•Adjustable-height lower kickplate removes to provide easy access to evaporator pan
Professional-Style Construction
•Design and basic dimensions provide built-in appearance with standard cabinetry
•Exterior moisture control system prevents condensation Tubes from the warm side of the sealed system run through
•center post of cavity – preventing condensation without electric components for true energy efficiency
•Easy-opening doors with two heavy-duty handles
•Hinges are hidden to provide a uniform appearance
•Heavy-duty, commercial-style handles
•Dual-magnet door seal system with
spring-loaded self-closing feature
•Door stops are factory set at 110 degree swing;easily adjust to 90 or 120 degree swing
•White interior with stylish accents
•Black lower kickplate
•Removable, stainless steel upper grille
•Thin wall and door construction, coupled with high-density insulation, provides maximum interior space
•Four independent, front-adjustable levelers make installation quick and easy
•Integrated models fit flush in 24" deep cabinet
Standard Accessories
•See-through egg container with carrier holds up to 24 eggs
Professional Performance for Home
•Glass butter tray and cover
Model Number
•VISB483D - Integrated Installation



•冷冻室 8.6立方英尺
•VISB483D – 组合式










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