Electric Oven

  • Combined fan oven and grill
    Oven cooking functions: Dual grill, Defrost, Convection with ring heating element, light
    True fan - Ventitherm

  • Ventitherm:The fan gently circulates hot air throughout the oven to give an even temperature, enabling you to cook meals on several levels simultaneously. Ventitherm delivering all the benefits of hot air cooking without drying the food, sealing in flavours whilst also ensuring that they are not transferred to other dishes. Cooking times are typically reduced by 10 minutes in every hour using VENTITHERM? and it does not require preheating. In addition, the temperature setting can be lowered by 10%, reducing energy consumption.

  • Stylish easy grip bar handle,
    Fan controlled defrosting, Non tip shelves,
    Snap-in chrome shelf supports,
    Diamond-glazed enamel interior,
    Brilliant interior illumination,
    Full glass inner door with removable panes,
    Fold down grill,
    LED digital display,
    Rotary control knobs,
    24 hour electronic clock- minute minder and fully programmable timer,
    Telescopic shelf runners (optional extra),
    Isofront double glazed door with removable inner pane for better insulation

  • Usage volume: 51L
    Oven/Grill power (max): 3.0/2.9 kW
    Fuse rating: 20 A
    Energy class : A





    􀁺 风烤、叉烤一体烤箱
    􀁺 烤箱功能: 双烤箱,解冻,传统烤箱带后部环形加热丝加热,灯
    􀁺 完美风扇-VENTITHERM®
    􀁺 时尚易握把手
    􀁺 解冻:风扇控制
    􀁺 镀铬隔架
    􀁺 光洁的搪瓷内胆
    􀁺 可拆卸的全玻璃内门
    􀁺 下折烤架
    􀁺 LED显示
    􀁺 全程序烤箱计时,24小时电子石钟计时器
    􀁺 双层可拆卸的玻璃门,绝缘良好
    􀁺 可伸缩的烤架滑轨(选配)

    􀁺 有效容积:51升
    􀁺  额定电流:20 A
    􀁺  烤箱/烤架功率(最大):3.0/2.9 kW
    􀁺  能效等级:A










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